Our company specializes in Community Revival.

Our goal is to provide A+ quality housing, offer educational enrichment opportunities, and job training to help improve the standard of living and transform neighborhoods. We also hope to offer affordable housing opportunities for students, seniors and families in the near future.

Our dedicated team of problem solvers think outside the box, leveraging private capital and partnering with local leaders to bring about lasting change. We help people connect with resources to empower them reach their goals. We seek opportunities to stimulate the creative economy and increase economic activity.

We strive to breathe new life into communities while honoring the past, recognizing the importance of  the rich heritage and unique culture of it.

We are committed to reinvesting back into the communities we serve. We want to bring communities back to life, which is why we focus on Community Revival… not renewal or redevelopment.

Harvest Oaks at PVAMU is an innovative housing solution for students living off campus in Prairie View. Research proves that student engagement enhances the university experience and improves student retention and graduation rates. We are building a network of programs and services to help facilitate learning outside the classroom. We bring Mentors and Students together to help students reach their full potential and accomplish their personal and academic goals. We work with students to create vision boards and offer various life skills programs to help them succeed in life.  We cultivate leadership and support students as they grow in their faith and confidence. Harvest is “not just a place to live, but a place to grow.” 

You will always HARVEST
what you plant. Galatians 6:7